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Referral Guidelines

Anxiety/ Stress/ Panic attacks
Responding to medication or wishing to avoid medication. Client motivated and able to work at the problem with some insight.

Recent onset. Client shows some degree of insight into condition and motivated to undertake counselling.

Grief/ Loss
Recent event or reactivation of previous problem associated with, for example, death, unemployment, separation, divorce.

Relationship/ Family difficulties
Acute or chronic difficulties with partner/ family/ colleague.

Life crisis/Life stage
Difficulty adjusting to physical illness, sexuality, leaving home, starting work, pressures of parenting, menopause, retirement, redundancy, financial problems.


Client wishing to improve assertiveness, self confidence, self perception or deal with problems of intimacy or sexuality.

Post traumatic stress reaction

The following conditions normally make a referral inappropriate for our service:

  • Psychosis.

  • Immediate risk of harm to self or others.

  • No motivation to address the problem.

  • Where specialist services are more

  • Where client does not want any help.


The above two lists are not exhaustive but give some idea as to what is and what’s not an appropriate referral to our service.

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